It was a room in a […] castle tower […].  The walls were made of stone and outside the glass-less window was a night sky filled with stars and a full moon that glowed white and brilliant.  In front of this window was a large book with a brown, leather cover on a[n] [old and wooden] desk […].  […] there was a fireplace near me – set into the walls.

[Ana] was standing in front of the book and I think it was a feathered pen she held […].  Everything seemed to be tinged with a soft […] tint of blue.  I think [Ana] was a wizard […] and she grinned at me […], as if she knew something I did not.  It was as if she was saying, “Watch!”  And then she touched her pen to the book and I saw that the light from the moon was being pulled down […] in a single, wide, silver beam that stretched across the sky and through our window before spilling onto [Ana’s] book and pen.  I was amazed.  It was like a patch of pure moonlight that connected our window with the moon itself. […]

[Ana], you made the light from the moon come down!

. rese