I was in the future and we had discovered life from other galaxies.  It felt like I was watching myself on a big screen but at the same time I was actually participating within the “screen.”

I was sitting within a spacecraft, soaring through [outer space].  It was like one of those alien spaceships one sees on cartoons – a saucer-shaped thing with a clear, round dome covering the travelers inside.  I watched from inside my spaceship as an alien crawled across this glass dome – along the outside.  It was strange and fuzzy – mostly a tan color with a dark brown belly and black fingertips.  It had large, round eyes and reminded me of both a monkey and a strange, exotic marsupial.  It even had a long, black-tipped tail resembling a monkey’s.

Far behind this alien monkey, I could see a bizarre galaxy that glowed with a burning yellow color with a few [red] flames […] in the center – like a strange, twisted sun.  Extending from this galaxy was another galaxy, almost exactly like it, except smaller.  Around these two galaxies the stars swirled – tiny, white, brilliant specks […].

I was sitting next to a man who was also looking at all this from within the spacecraft.  He was an astronaut, a scientist, or a reporter, or maybe he was all three.  […] he held up some sort of plastic stick to take a sample of the […] galaxies, and he simply held the stick up to the glass dome of our spacecraft, touching the tip […] to where the galaxies were so far away on the other side of the glass.  And then it was as if he was bringing a stick away from a [candle flame], for the plastic instrument was alight with the galaxies’ fire burning at its tip. […]

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