i’m pleased to announce that i’ve finally made a book trailer for my novelette, ingress.  yey!  this past weekend, i drove up to the bay area for my friend’s wedding and thought i’d stop by pebble beach, the setting for my story.  while there, i did some filming using my parents’ smartphone (‘cause, yes, i still use a “stupidphone” that my friends say should be in a museum. – i’m what they call a “late adopter”).  i also checked over the descriptive details in ingress to make sure they were accurate (and they were).  i’d been to pebble beach before, about five years ago, so my memory was hazy when i was writing the story.

anyways, for the trailer, i wrote up a brief little script and practiced it in my room:


for the actual shooting, i did several takes from various locations around the lone cypress (and boy was it windy, chilly, and miserable! – with lots of tourists crowding around and shouting in the background).  i actually thought this take with the birds was nice, but didn’t wind up using it for the final version, ‘cause i liked the landscape orientation more than the portrait:


and this is the final version, which i made using the windows live movie maker on my computer.  it’s not spielberg, but oh well – i tried my best =P:



since i’m kind of a clumsy videographer, and the best camera i have is a smartphone, i decided to make another trailer using my photography instead.  i got some background music from free music archive and spliced it all together using the windows live movie maker:


. rese

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