every now and then, i post a rejection letter or two from my vast collection of such. =)  the palo alto review has given me my two favorite rejection letters:

Dear Theresa Lee,

The committee that reads fiction told me they liked “The Attic” an original view of the timeless sensation over a life not well lived. What could have or should have been was in that box that now had to be securely closed and locked against regret.  I agree with the readers that this is a good story, one we wish we could publish had we only the room.

Ellen Shull, editor
Oct 21, 2008

Dear Theresa Lee:

We read your story [Sylve: A Fairytale] this afternoon. The temperature outside was 102° but your story wafted us away from heat and into fairyland. It reminded one of the group of the scenery seen in Millais’ painting of Ophelia drowning.

Presently, however, we are fully subscribed in fiction. Not a literary magazine, we publish only 2 or 3 pieces of fiction per issue. Nonetheless, we wish you good fortune in finding a place for this good story.

Ellen Shull, editor
Jun 26, 2009

i thought these were great rejection letters that were not only professional, but also gave very detailed feedback.  on my rejection rating scale of 1-5, i’d rate these a definite 5.

. rese

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