i’m back!!  sorry about the long absence. my excuse is the usual: busyness.  specifically, i was dancing in the paralympics opening ceremony (which was amazing!) and they were drilling us with rehearsals, then i moved back to california (the work visa expires soon, plus tired of filing double taxes), and was visiting relatives in taiwan for awhile, as well.  but things are starting to settle back down, and it’s nice to be finally getting back into the swing of writing again.

so what’s been happening in my own little writing world these past couple of months?  well, back in england, i went to the amazing butser ancient farm for a day, in order to research one of the other ranoa stories that i’m working on.  basically, i needed to get a first-hand look at an iron-age roundhouse.  i’ve seen roundhouses before on all those british documentaries that the bbc keeps airing – and they’ve fascinated me – but i’ve never been in a real reconstruction.  luckily, butser ancient farm was nearby, so i was able to make a day trip there.  the first-hand experience definitely made a difference, and i was able to add some nice touches to my story.  but more later on how i’ve adapted the roundhouse to ranoa: after the stories are published, i’ll include it in a “making of” post.

promotion-wise, i’d also emailed some more reviewers, but didn’t get any responses.  contacting reviewers and bloggers can be difficult, and i think i got lucky with my first two reviews in that they were able to reply so quickly.  most reviewers seem to be completely swamped with a to-read list that can probably encircle the globe three times over.  a lot of popular book bloggers also only accept review requests from major publishers – so that’s another challenge that you have to face if you’re an indie author.  i also submitted an interview to the good folks at writing edge magazine, who said it would appear in the september issue, but i never heard anything, so i’ll have to check back and perhaps try to get the interview elsewhere if things fall through.

and finally, i did another free promotional giveaway, and ‘ingress’ leapt up into amazon’s epic fantasy top 100 bestseller list again, even higher this time at #79.  so, that’s always encouraging to see.  =)

. rese

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