so it’s been about a month since i published my novelette on amazon.  so far, the sales have been modest, just a copy or two here and there – nothing earth-shattering.  my overall amazon sales rank started at around 200,000, then slipped down to about 500,000.  so i emailed a few book bloggers, and jamee pritchard at the kindle book review was kind enough to say yes.  within a couple of weeks, she’d posted up her review on her blog, as well as on amazon and goodreads.  the effect was shockingly immediate – my rank jumped up by 400,000 places to about 100,000.  then, this past weekend, i ran a free promotion for three days, and ‘ingress‘ broke into the top 100 in the epic fantasy category at #82:

so it was admittedly pretty exciting seeing my work on a bestseller list. =)  hopefully, i’ll someday be able to make the jump onto the paid list, but who knows.  right now, my paid sales aren’t spectacular, to be honest.  i’m currently brainstorming more marketing ideas to get the word out further; also going to do some #samplesunday promos on twitter.  – and will update on this here blog about how it all goes.

i am still plugging away on the next stories in this little series, but self-publishing isn’t cheap (unless you can design the cover and format everything yourself, which i can’t).  so even though they say that the best promotional tool is your next book, the reality is that i probably won’t be able to afford to publish another one for awhile, not until i’ve saved up.  so, we’ll see.  for now, i will experiment with some marketing ideas, and also write away at the next story. =)

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