well, the hubble space telescope has sent these latest images of the red planet:

WP_20140510_001a-westernUSA WP_20140510_009 WP_20140510_009a

WP_20140510_010 WP_20140510_010a WP_20140510_003 WP_20140510_007

just kidding. =P  the above photos are actually of the western united states as seen through the window of my airline flight and the lenses of my nokia lumia smartphone.  looks a lot like mars, though.  here’re some pics that appear more earth-like from the same flight (the river is the mississippi in new orleans):

WP_20140510_018 WP_20140510_027 WP_20140510_036a WP_20140510_035b WP_20140510_039

what a beautiful world we’re a part of, eh?

- you can see more of my photography here.  (for skyscape photos, select “most recent” from left-hand “order by” drop-down menu.)

. rese

a couple weeks ago, my college sent me to the international reading association’s annual conference in new orleans.  i only attended for a day, but i had a lot of fun. =)  the young adult literature luncheon was particularly good, as author matt de la pena delivered a TEDtalk-worthy speech that was moving, humorous, and inspiring:

WP_20140511_007 WP_20140511_009 WP_20140511_012 WP_20140511_015

the rest of the day, i spent exploring the exhibits, listening to exhibit speakers, collecting free stuff, and… uh… getting my photo taken with the mascots:

WP_20140511_022 WP_20140511_019 WP_20140511_017 WP_20140511_005 WP_20140511_001 WP_20140511_026

overall, a fantastic weekend in new orleans!

. rese



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