- warning: spoilers! -

i’d commissioned the cover for spirit of a kyrie at the same time as the gift stonesthe book designers asked for a synopsis of the plot and characters, so i sent the following:

A young girl, named Kit, discovers she has the makings of a great knight.  Becoming an Elite knight would bring her family great wealth and prestige, but in order for her to become a knight, she would have to undergo a series of life-threatening Tests through the famed knight schools.  She runs away from the desert and arrives at a knight school, ultimately gaining entrance into the school to train.  She learns how to wield many magnificent weapons.  Succeeding in passing the Tests, she sends her winnings back home to her family.  She continues to train as a knight until she wins entrance into Kyrion, the most prestigious knight school, and becomes a female kyrion, a kyrie.
Main Character:  Kit – impoverished desert child, prodigious fighting abilities, determined, ambitious, distinctive hair of long white curls


from that, they created this first set of drafts:

Kyrie Kyrie1 Kyrie2 Kyrie3


it was interesting seeing these, since there are no horses in the story and definitely no futuristic suits of armor or metal swords (and again with the creepy floating eyes???).  thus, i asked them to re-do the design, telling them to feature swirling white sands or sand dunes, that bright red is an important color, and to eliminate depictions of people.

this was the second set of drafts:

Kyrie6 Kyrie5

i had them move a few things around, insert the blurbs, and produce this final full cover:


. rese





well, the hubble space telescope has sent these latest images of the red planet:

WP_20140510_001a-westernUSA WP_20140510_009 WP_20140510_009a

WP_20140510_010 WP_20140510_010a WP_20140510_003 WP_20140510_007

just kidding. =P  the above photos are actually of the western united states as seen through the window of my airline flight and the lenses of my nokia lumia smartphone.  looks a lot like mars, though.  here’re some pics that appear more earth-like from the same flight (the river is the mississippi in new orleans):

WP_20140510_018 WP_20140510_027 WP_20140510_036a WP_20140510_035b WP_20140510_039

what a beautiful world we’re a part of, eh?

- you can see more of my photography here.  (for skyscape photos, select “most recent” from left-hand “order by” drop-down menu.)

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